Ocala woman finds a dog dead, stuffed in cage, dumped roadside

Marion County Animal Services is investigating a dog discovered caged and dead along the side of a neighborhood road in Ocala.

Joyce VanGorp said she was on her way home Saturday on Pine Trail Court when she noticed a cage along the side of the road. VanGorp said a tan pit bull was stuffed inside, dead, with no tags.

"They just dumped it on the side of the road,” said VanGorp.

She called Animal Services and officers took the dog. A county representative said they are investigating the find and trying to find out who the dog belonged to.

VanGorp took the situation into her own hands, posting photos of the dead dog to neighborhood Facebook pages. While she said some residents criticized the photos for being too graphic, she wanted people to see the severity of the situation and hopefully lead to justice for the dog.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Marion County Animal Services.