Ocala Police: Parent threatened violence at school

Ocala police officers on Wednesday arrested a parent who allegedly called an elementary school, threatening to bring violence to campus, according to investigators.

Melissa Giddens, 28, is behind bars facing serious charges including threats to kill, do bodily injury, or conduct a mass shooting or an act of terrorism.

A school administrator at College Park Elementary called police after receiving what was described as a profanity-laced voicemail from Giddens, saying she was going shoot up the school.  

Investigators saying Giddens is fuming mad, because one of her three children who attends the school had gotten into trouble.

"A physical altercation had occurred on the bus and he was suspended from the bus," said Corie Byrd, with the Ocala Police Department.

The fight on the bus happened Monday, with the punishment coming down Tuesday.  

"School leaders recognized the caller's voice and alerted Ocala Police," Byrd added. "She [Giddens] had already picked up the kids from school. The school day was already over. There was never any perceived threat to the school or anyone at the school."

Giddens denied making the call until officers confronted her with the recording. 

"Once she heard herself on the voicemail, she couldn't' deny it," Byrd said. "You make the threat, it is recorded, and it is what it is."