Ocala boy, 8, headed to California for Braille Challenge Nationals

It is still difficult for Tiffany Henke to talk about it. When her son, Ayden Morgan was 3 years old, a cancerous brain tumor robbed him of his sight.

The cancer is controllable, but will be present in his body and require treatment for the rest of Ayden's life. His sight, however, is gone.

Choking back tears she says, "I could not imagine being a 3-year old and being carefree and running around every day being able to see your mom, your brother, your dog, your cats, your toys, your books and then, you don't."

As soon as Ayden was well, Tiffany started teaching him to read Braille.

"Because I knew that he had to have a quality of life again." says Henke.

The little boy excelled immediately and soaked up the written language of the blind. Now, 5 years later, he is Florida's state champion, for his age group, in a Braille competition. He heads to Los Angeles in June to compete for a National Championship.

On the web: https://www.youcaring.com/aydenmorgan-1157476