NYC warns of mystery illness affecting children

Parents in New York are being asked to keep an eye out for symptoms in their children.

Not COVID-19 symptoms, but symptoms similar to those of Kawasaki disease. New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio issued a health warning Thursday, after 15 children in the city developed symptoms like fever, rash, abdominal pain, vomitting, red tongue and swollen lymphnodes. These symptoms are very similar to those of Kawasaki disease, a pediatric inflammatory condition.

Of the 15 children, four tested positive for COVID-19 and six tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies.

Could these symptoms  be linked to the novel coronavirus? 

Orlando Dr. Jason Littleton, founder of Littleton Concierge Medicine said it is too early to tell. He believes the sample size is too small to make any determination. "It's a drop in the ocean," he said. “Unless a trend or a larger case by case study comes out of this, where you have more children affected who are COVID 19 positive, this is not something to lose sleep over."

“It’s very interesting but knowing that, there’s not enough information to form any type of correlation at this point”

It is unknown what causes Kawasaki disease. However, it is believes that it can be triggered by viral illness -- meaning any kind of infection, even the common cold, could lead to symptoms. Dr. Littleton said this is a point of interest, but for now, there is nothing connecting the condition particularly to COVID-19.