Number of guns seized at OIA on the rise

If you're packing heat, you better pack it away. Transportation Security agents keep seizing a lot of guns at Orlando International Airport.

The problem is that a lot of people are putting their weapons in their carry-on.

Tuesday morning, TSA said they stopped somebody from bringing  a loaded 9 millimeter pistol, in their carry-on bag, at one of OIA's Security Checkpoints.

Kyle Falhaber of Cincinatti, Ohio said "It's pretty crazy."

Janet Payne of Austin, Texas added "Glad they found it."

Fox 35 caught up with the Falhaber family at the security checkpoint.

Emily Falhaber of Cincinatti, Ohio said "I cannot imagine a friend that would accidentally bring a gun to the airport. In fact, I don't think many of our friends have guns."

Now, the total number of guns seized at OIA so far this year bumps up to 66. It was 49 in all of last year, said the TSA.

William Shaw, of Melbourne said  "It makes me a little uncomfortable. But, I don't know if that's because the checking is better now."

The TSA sent us a picture of a big bucket of ammo seized at the checkpoint in Tampa in the last two months.

Why the increase? The TSA told Fox 35 people aren't paying attention to what's in their bag. Before you get to the airport, they said check your carry-on bags and make sure your gun isn't in there.

Officials want you to see the signs at the airport telling you not to bring guns through the checkpoint.

An OIA spokesperson sent Fox 35 a statement saying in part "We work closely with TSA and law enforcement and remind passengers to check bags for prohibited items including weapons."

If caught, you could be arrested, and fined up to $11,000.
Bottom line, make sure you know what's in your bag.

So, what about guns in your checked bags?

The TSA told Fox 35 you can travel with a gun if it's in a hard-sided, locked case, and it's unloaded. You have to declare it at check-in, and also make sure if you're even allowed to bring it to your destination.