Non-profit repairs home damaged by Hurricane Irma

A group of volunteer community heroes helped fix a home in need of repairs.

Gladys Carrasquillo said she has not had the means to repair her Maitland home, ravaged by Hurricane Irma, but this week, her wish came true.

Non-profit Rebuilding Together Orlando, funded by Advent Health, facilitated the makeover with about two dozen volunteers. The homeowner of 25 years was tearing up as she saw her new and improved home.

“We’ve already done two houses on this street, with advent health and we noticed this house and we came up and knocked on the door and said ‘Want some help from us?’” said Whitney Celestin, with Rebuilding Together Orlando.

Repairs focused on the roof and foundation, landscaping and a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of the home.

“We want to assist low income homeowners who can’t afford to make those repairs to their homes,” said Celestin.

“It’s helps build a stronger community,” said Adam Yerino, Advent Health employee.

Yerino has volunteered with the organization for two years in a row and said he was touched by Carrasquillo’s story.

“There’s people that can’t afford it or, just aren’t physically able to, so it’s important to give your time and money to those that can’t help themselves,” said Yerino.

Humanity on display -- a force stronger than hurricane winds.

“It’s means a lot, god bless them, I’ll be praying for them, for helping people like me,” said Carrasquillo.