New York man planning vacation to Sydney, Australia accidently books flight to Sidney, Montana

Kingsley Burnett, a New York resident, like most travelers was likely looking forward to his planned trip to Sydney, Australia. However, when his trip was delayed in late January, he accidentally booked a flight to Sidney, Montana instead. 

Burnett, originally from Jamaica, shared photos of his unplanned and extremely unexpected journey to the "Treasure State."

Burnett told Storyful that after departing New York's La Guardia airport on Jan. 26, he landed in Billings, Montana, Burnett didn't think much of it because that airport was a common location for travelers to connect to Sidney, Montana, just a few hundred miles east of Billings. The only problem is he was off by one letter. 

"I had to find out for myself that Billings, Montana, would only take me to Sidney, Montana, where there are no kangaroos waiting to welcome Mr Burnett," he lamented.

According to the New York Post, Burnett realized he wasn't going to Sydney when he saw the size of his plane. 

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Kingsley Burnett, originally from Jamaica, shared photos and videos of his unexpected journey to the “Treasure State.”

"I saw the little plane with like nine passengers and wondered, "‘how is that going to get me to Australia?’" Burnett said.

Burnett said he was planning on taking a cruise from Sydney harbor. 

"My story in a bottle ended with Carol Castellano at the American Airlines counter as she tried to send me to the correct place – unfortunately that turned out to be back to NYC after a night out in Billings. Thanks Carol," Burnett told Storyful.

Burnett told Storyful he rescheduled his trip to Sydney, Australia, for June 13.

Storyful contributed to this story.