New National Hurricane Center director talks about hurricane preparedness

The National Hurricane Conference is taking place in Orlando, and on Monday, we had an opportunity to talk to the new man in charge of the National Hurricane Center.

As the incoming director of the National Hurricane Center, Ken Graham says educating residents about hurricane preparedness is a priority.

"Where they're going to go if they're evacuated, I don't want to think about it while the hurricanes coming, I want to have that preset a head of time."

Also have supplies ready to go, he says.

"What is my plan? Do I know what to do with my important papers? Do I have enough medicine?" 

He says people rely too much on the cone which is used during hurricane forecasts. He says two-thirds of the time, it may be in the cone, but can easily shift, hundreds of miles outside the cone.

"Understand that could be a life and death situation."

Graham says it's important to remember that each hurricane acts differently  so don't expect them to have the same outcome.