New drive-thru medical marijuana dispensary in Orlando

It's only the second one of its kind in Florida -- Orlando's newest medical marijuana dispensary has a drive-thru window. 

The Curaleaf dispensary, located near Semoran Blvd. and Colonial Drive, has medical marijuana pills, topical creams, oils and vaping supplements.  It's all for patients who have a doctor's order and state approval. 

"We help patients. We help the people of Florida," explains Lydea Strickland,  the general manager.

"This is helping me so much with being able to play with my kids," says Tracey Colacioppo, who has multiple sclerosis and and is fighting cancer.

What's very different about this Curaleaf location is the drive-thru window, the first location in Orlando to office the convenience.  If you are an established Curaleaf patient, you can place your order ahead of time, drive in and pick it up.

"It's gonna help so much more, just because I don't have to get out of the car to walk in," says Colacioppo, "because it actually hurts to walk sometimes."

The new window opens for business on November 15.