New details in Sanford shooting of mom, kids, 3 others

Sanford Police say Allen Cashe shot his girlfriend, her two kids, her dad, and two innocent bystanders, before they arrested him. Now, we're getting an inside look at the hunt for Cashe, and what happened next.

Police chased down Cashe after the shooting spree. From there, it was off to jail, kicking and screaming. After that, came the interrogation. Cashe sat down with a detective, who tried to pry-out the truth.

“Did you just snap?” the detective asked. “Were you not right in the head at the time?”

Cashe says he never meant for this to happen.

“I didn't want to be arguing with nobody, I didn't want to be chasing nobody for my keys, I didn't want to be begging for what belongs to me back, I don't want to be - I don't want to fight nobody, I don't want to harm nobody,” Cashe explained.

Cashe also kept saying he only wanted back what was his.

“Did you actually go in there to shoot up the house?” the detective asked.

“All I wanted what was mine,” Cashe replied, “I didn't want to hurt nobody. Just give me what's mine and we'll all have a fine, dandy day.”

The detective asked him in turn about shooting his girlfriend, her dad, her kids, and then the two bystanders.

“I told you,” Cashe replied, “I can't talk about none of that. I don't know nothing about that.”

But cashe seemed to understand that his fate was sealed.

“Can't turn back the hands of time,” Cashe said.

“That is the truth,” the detective replied, “the only thing we can do is justify, rationalize and move forward.”

The shooting happened in March. Cashe's girlfriend, Latina Herring, and one of her sons died were killed. Her other son, her father, and the two bystanders managed to survive.