New DC security robot ‘Rosie' now on patrol after predecessor's near-drowning at fountain

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Remember the security robot that had an unfortunate near-drowning mishap at a water fountain at a D.C. office complex? Well, its replacement has arrived to take over the duties its predecessor has left behind.

Last week, a Knightscope K5 robot affectionately known as “Steve” was patrolling the area of an office building at the Washington Harbour in Georgetown when he tragically took a plunge into the fountain.


People were so saddened by Steve’s accident that a memorial was even created for him the following day.



Contrary to some reports, Steve did actually survive and was in critical condition.

“He is going to make a full recovery," said Kristian DeMeo, spokesperson for MRP Realty, the company that owns Washington Harbour. "He is being worked on now and we expect him to be back on patrol in the upcoming weeks. So we are happy about that.”

According to DeMeo, Steve will likely go back on patrol at another location.

On Tuesday, Steve's replacement made its debut at Washington Harbour. "Rosie" the robot was out in full force with capabilities that include thermal detection, 360-degree video, audio capabilities and the ability to report any issues in real-time back to the security team. So far, so good with Rosie and the water fountain.

DeMeo said they have learned a lot of lessons after bringing this technology over from the West Coast.

“Bringing it here to the Harbour, it’s a very unique property and a very unique location with unique terrains to the technology," she said. "We were able to figure out how to make it better and how to advance Rosie for her position here and how to make it work for the Harbour."