New car rental service at OIA gives you an Audi, wifi, GPS, and Sirius radio

Now arriving at Orlando International Airport: a new way to rent a car.

“From banking to booking hotels, [most people are] doing it all via an app.  However with renting a car, you're waiting in line, you don't know what you're going to get,” said Courtney Lowell, the spokeswoman for Silver Car, an app-based service that lets you book, pay and order a pick up. 

Silver Car drivers pick users up at the curb and drive them to the company’s lot near the airport, where customers know exactly what kind of car they’re going to get. 

"You get an Audi A4 every time.  No rental car roulette,” Lowell said. And, yes, it’s silver. 

Customers use the app and a QR code on the windshield of the Audi to unlock a car which has the keys inside.

Lowell said the company promises a luxury ride at about the same price as a standard rental car.

In Orlando, a daily rental is about $49, but might fluctuate based on demand, Lowell said. 

Each car comes equipped with wifi, GPS, and Sirius radio at no extra charge. 

Lowell said keeping things simple allows the customers to keep costs low and deliver the kind of service “modern customers” expect. 

Silver Car is in 17 markets across the country and at Orlando International Airport starting next week.