Nemours Children's Hospital to help fight COVID-19 with Attorney Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin and Nemours Children's Hospital

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Nemours Children's Hospital reached out to Florida business owners for life-saving help.

One of those business owners was Attorney Dan Newlin of Dan Newlin Injury Attorneys. "When I received a call from the director of Nemours Children's Hospital asking for help, I didn't hesitate. The director told me they needed specialized medical equipment in their ambulances to fight and detect COVID-19. These ambulances transport children with immune deficiencies who are receiving critical care."

Newlin said, "When tough times hit, you must show your strength through continued hard work and giving to those in need. I'm worried about all those who are struggling, that's why it's an honor to continue to give during this crisis."

"Gracious and kind donations from our community members and leaders, such as from Attorney Dan Newlin, will enable us to ensure we have state-of-the-art emergency support medical equipment in our ambulance fleet," said Randy Hartley Chief Operating Officer of Nemours Children's Hospital.

Newlin also teamed with local medical providers in Seminole County, Florida, to help bring the first rapid response COVID-19 testing to our area.

"Together, we will eliminate fear and crush this virus. We are the United States of America," Newlin states.