Nationwide COVID-19 vaccine trials seek volunteers

Researchers are making a nationwide call for volunteers in a COVID-19 vaccine trial and some facilities in Florida are among those signing up volunteers for clinical studies.

The National Institutes of Health launched a website calling for volunteers nationwide to test a COVID-19 vaccine. The nationwide trial is in phase three, which means researchers are testing the vaccine in just about anyone. Infectious disease experts said the vaccine development is moving a bit differently for the virus since the pandemic brings a sense of urgency.

An Orlando laboratory, CNS Healthcare, is one of those labs participating. Volunteers received their first dose on Tuesday. They are part of 30,000 patients around the world will be tested before a vaccine is released. The lab is still looking for more volunteers.

"The patients that they have now, they're going to follow for two years. The patients get two doses -- one today and another one in a month, a booster -- and then they will follow them for two years after the vaccine comes out," said Dr. Mike Dever, M.D.

Experts say a vaccine could be out as early as December.

If you are interested in signing up for a vaccine trial in Florida, you can visit, CNS Healthcare’s website, or NIH’s website.

If you sign up, researchers said they want to make sure your body produces the right antibodies for the virus. So volunteers would not know whether they were injected with the vaccine or a placebo.