Name change, sign upgrades coming to SR 415

Seminole County is planning on changing the name of State Road 415 to East Lake Mary Boulevard for a 1.3 mile stretch between State Road 46 and the Volusia County line, and also plan to spend $115,000 in upgrades and sign changes. Seminole Chairman Brenda Carey says 911 operators and the public like it better when one road has one name.  "For the traveling public, it also eliminates a lot of confusion," she says. 

The $115,000 will go to more than just new road signs. Carey says they will use part of the money for a grant writer to apply for state grants to upgrade the landscaping along that stretch of road.  "We are trying to beef up the way that area looks. You know, that's been an area that has not been a very attractive area entering the county," adds Carey.

The chairman also says there are plans for a $30,000 entryway sign so that people will know they have left Volusia County as they travel over the St. Johns River bridge. "As we start to develop that portion of the county, we also want it to represent Seminole County. You know that area is not going to be rural in the future."

Several developments have already begun or are in the planning stages in that corridor, including the county's $35 million new sports complex.