Muslim group condemns ISIS on valley billboard

A large electronic billboard has a simple message directed at ISIS: "Hey ISIS, you suck."

The billboard was paid for by a national Muslim-American non-profit with help from the Muslim community in the valley.

Local Muslims in the valley say they want to condemn the terrorist organization in a very public way.

They say although ISIS claims to practice Islam they could not be further from the actual teachings of the religion.

"They don't represent us -- they don't represent Islam."

Drivers along the I-10 heading eastbound near 67th Ave may have spotted this electronic billboard.

"The sad thing is that our neighbor's view of Muslims has gone down, because the message on ISIS has gone up."

That is why Dr. Aneesah Nadir, a retired ASU professor and follower of Islam, says the local Muslim community with the help of Sound Vision, a National Muslim-American non-profit, are bringing the "ISIS Sucks" campaign to Phoenix.

"We want our neighbors to know -- we're colleagues and classmates and neighbors, and we want our neighbors to know that we don't approve of this at all. In fact, Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him taught the exact opposite of what ISIS is portraying and we want everybody to know that."

She says over the years, Muslims across the country have been the target of bullying, name-calling and even physical violence because of the extremist wing of the religion.

They hope the four words on the billboard serve a purpose to all who drive by and see it.

"This billboard is one way to get the message out there."

The organization also put up the exact same billboard in Chicago. 

They say will continue this campaign to spread their message.