Multiple teens arrested after drive-by shooting in Volusia County, deputies say

Multiple teenagers were arrested late Sunday night in connection to a drive-by shooting of a house in Volusia County, deputies said.

According to the Volusia Sheriff's Office, the incident happened shortly before midnight in Pierson, adding that no one was hurt.

Video footage released by the sheriff's office on Monday shows four teenagers being arrested regarding the incident. In the video, a deputy is seen speaking with the teens after pulling them over, informing them that they are facing serious charges despite no one being hurt in the shooting.


Three of the teens are minors, while one is 18 years old. 

"You guys are laughing and joking like this is your business, but he's talking about very, very serious charges, especially for the 18-year-old," an officer is heard explaining to the teens. "You're a, you're an adult. These are extremely serious felonies."

"Even though a teenager is my size, and you know, he looks like a man, he doesn't think like a man, and oftentimes they don't think about the ramifications or the outlook and potential for what this means," explained Dr. David Thomas, a professor of forensic studies at Florida Gulf Coast University

They are all facing charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.