Mother Abandons Car and Child After Seeing Spider

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A mother may be feeling a little bit of remorse this Monday after letting her fear of spiders cause a major accident that totaled her car and sent her young son to the hospital Friday afternoon.

According to the Associated Press, investigators with the Kosciusko County Sheriff's Office in Indiana claim the mother had just started to back her Dodge Avenger out of the driveway when she noticed a spider on her shoulder. The mother, 35-year-old Angela Kipp, jumped out of the car while it was moving, leaving her 9-year-old son in the back seat. 

The boy reacted quickly, jumped in the front and attempted to step on the brake but stomped on the gas instead, sending the car careening backwards and slamming right into the side of a passing school bus.

Fortunately there were no children on the bus and the driver was not injured. Kipp's son did get some minor injuries in the accident and was taken to the hospital. 

At this time the accident is still under investigation.