More road closure expected for bridge repair

Drivers beware!  Colonial Drive could face more closures at Interstate 4, as construction takes place over the next few months to fix cracks that were discovered in support walls for a bridge.

We're still not sure why cracks developed in the column that supports the newly constructed ramp to I-4.  I-4 Ultimate officials say they installed gauges to measure changes in the pier, which supports the bridge above.   Once crews determine the cause, they may have to block traffic on Colonial Drive as they did for two days last month.  

"It takes a long time to get home, traffic does get backed up," says driver Taylor Martin.

Last month, traffic came to a halt as crews installed a temporary support.

"Getting to work this morning was crazy, normally it's a 30 minute commute. This morning it took an hour and 10 minutes to get in," says Carlos Fowler, who works nearby,  

The bridge was supposed to open on February 22, but I-4 Ultimate decided against the plan, after the cracks were discovered. Crews say they're still developing a plan for construction that could take two to three months.

Taylor says, "They're doing something for us, constructing the road is a benefit of the driver."

Florida Department of Transportation officials say data from the gauges show safe perimeters, but they're monitoring the pier to see if it expands.

Taylor says, "Long term, it shouldn't be a big deal because long term because we're gonna benefit in the long run." 

Crews say they will announce any closures of Colonial in advance to warn drivers.