More disturbing graffiti on homes and cars in Palm Coast

Deputies tell Fox 35 News Reporter Kelly Joyce they got 6 more calls from people here saying their homes and cars were spray painted."

Kenneth Fonte was upset to find a disturbing message on his Dodge Durango written in orange spray paint, on it were the words "stay white"

Fonte said, "I saw on the side there was like a haze. i backed up the car even more and i was like, oh great someone tagged me."

His is one of six cars and homes graffitied early Sunday morning. Some of the other homes had crowns and stars written on them, one says "snitch."

Last week we first told you about a handful of homes just a few miles away from this Palm Coast neighborhood with similar messages spray painted on them.

Deputies tell us they believe it's kids doing this.

They are not calling it a hate crime at this point, but are waiting for the big break in this case to make that determination.

As for Fonte, he was able to wipe off most of the paint.