More dead fish found in Banana River

Authorities say there appears to be another fish kill in the Banana River. 

The areas impacted include the Thousand Islands, River Sunset, and Cocoa Isles communities in Cocoa Beach.  Boaters say these dead fish run for almost a mile.

This is approximately the same area of the massive fish kill in March, and the majority of the dead fish are juveniles.   The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has been notified, while local officials with the City of Cocoa Beach are investigating.

"This is devastating.  Just yesterday, the City Commission passed a resolution to have a sustainment committee to work on these issues, and it's fixing the problems," said commissioner Ed Martinez. "You know, I'm in awe. It's incredible to see how much devastation is out here. I've never seen it up close like this."

In the spring, we spoke with Duane DeFreese, with the Indian River Lagoon Council.  He warned that this summer would be a devastating season, adding that the warm summer months, in addition to run off from the rain, create perfect conditions for algae blooms.  The algae blooms are believed to have contributed to the death of the fish.