Missing 16-year-old from Orange County found dead

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Luis Rivera, Sr., set to face an Orange County judge Saturday, is charged with helping dump 16-year-old Bruce Hagans Jr.'s body in a shallow grave in east Orange County.

Hagans' father, Bruce Sr., says now, he can start to heal.

“I was praying that I get some closure, and I got some closure and a little burden was eased-off of me, not much but a little bit.”

It was the worst possible end to this story. 16 year-old Hagans went missing on the morning of May 31st.  Police issued an amber alert and the search was on. Since their grim discovery of the teenager's body, police say there are still many leads they are following up about who was involved in Hagans' killing.

“The person who drove away with Bruce Hagans in the car, we don't have him positively identified, but we're pursuing leads and I'm confident an arrest is in the near future,” said Chief Steve Graham, from the Winter Garden Police Dept. “We have multiple suspects we're talking to. So I'm confident we will have more charges.”

Bruce Hagans, Sr., said it's been a struggle since his son's death. “It's just been tough. It's been really rough. That's your only kid and for him to lose his life that way - he didn't deserve that. It wasn't fair.”

Police say a tip led them to where they found Hagen's body. They say they still can't release any possible motive for the killing.