Millions to be spent to help Blue Springs State Park

Three cities in Volusia County are spending millions on a new project to help Blue Springs State Park.

This year, the springs have seen blue-green algae, zombie fish, and manatees under attack. Volusia County Council has thought of a way to fix it all, though. They unanimously approved an investigation into a plan to create a recharge station that will help replenish the springs aquifer.

The added water will come  from run-offs, storm water, and waste water. The water also would be filtered first.

Springs advocated Joe Cruz does not understand why the county is proposing to spend close to $12 million to pump in waste water.

"One of the problems with blue springs is all the aging septic tank systems in and around Orange City, Deltona, and Deland," he told Fox 35. "The reason the water is green at Blue Springs is because of the septic problem already, so it seems strange."

The county, who is working alongside St. Johns Water Management, said that their goal is to increase the flow of water, which will improve the water quality and add a spring back into Blue's step.

"What we do over the land affects everything underneath," Cruz added.