Miles Scott AKA 'Batkid' celebrates 8th birthday

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In November of 2013 a little boy stricken with a potentially life-threatening disease warmed hearts around the world. Now healthy, the tiny crime fighter celebrated his 8th birthday on Wednesday.

Miles Scott captured the eyes of the nation when he had his wish granted by Make-A-Wish to become Batkid. Thousands of people lined the streets to cheer Miles on during his mission to save the City of San Francisco.

Miles was the sidekick to an actor dressed as Batman for his epic day. The pair drove in the Batmobile to first save a "damsel in distress" who was tied to cable car tracks.

He then disabled a plastic "bomb" before stopping The Riddler from robbing a bank in the Financial District.

Next up - The Penguin had kidnapped Giants' mascot Lou Seal. Batkid ended up catching The Penguin and turning him in to the SFPD.

Batkid's mission ended with a rally at City Hall. He was even presented with a "key to the city" for all his hard work. 

We're happy to report Miles is doing great, with his leukemia in remission. According to Make-A-Wish, he recently wrapped up second grade and plays little league baseball. Make-A-Wish says he now has another younger brother.

There was even a documentary made about his special day saving the City of San Francisco.

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