Meet Daisy! Orange County Sheriff's Office welcomes their first comfort dog

Working in law enforcement can be extremely tough and now the Orange County Sheriff's Office has their very first comfort dog to make those days a little easier.

Daisy is a one-year-old Labrador mix that recently became the first official comfort dog for the sheriff's office. Her daily job will be to help ease anxiety and stress for deputies, investigators and staff members at the sheriff's office, whose stressful jobs often take a toll on them.



"Just the presence of animals, it helps with tension and anxiety and overall depression," said Daisy's handler Jacquelyn Cockriel, who works at the sheriff's office as a victim advocate.

Daisy was originally a family pet, but was turned over to the Brevard County Animal Shelter earlier this year. The Brevard County Sheriff's Office runs a program called the Paws & Stripes College where they'll take some shelter dogs and teach them how to become law enforcement and therapy dogs.

Daisy and Jacquelyn completed a week-long training course so Daisy could be certified as a comfort dog. She graduated with flying colors and landed her first job with the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

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"She has to say hi to everybody and give them face kisses and love on them. She just needs to do that. It's just in her nature."

Her daily routine consists of making the rounds through the central operations building and then Daisy settles in at Jacquelyn's desk.

"It makes me happy because I can see she's already making a difference and this program is already off to a great start."