McDonald's will accept foreign currency for one day to promote its Worldwide Favorites Menu

Time to rummage through your coin purse or scour your living room for any spare euros or yen you might have laying around, because McDonald's will be accepting foreign currency for a very limited time in honor of its new Worldwide Favorites Menu.

The menu, which features international exclusives, will have you feeling like you’re in a real United Nations of deliciousness. 
On Thursday, June 6 from 2-5 p.m., participating McDonald’s locations will accept one piece of foreign currency for any one Worldwide Favorites menu item which includes: the Stroopwafel McFlurry from The Netherlands, the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger from Spain, a Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich from Canada and Cheesy Bacon Fries from Australia.



McDonald's opened its first restaurant outside the U.S. in 1967, and says they have been working to innovate their global menu in order to cater to authentic flavors form around the world, leaving customers from other parts of the world intrigued by menu items they don’t have access to. 

“To welcome these new flavors, we created the McDonald’s International Currency Exchange event. This unique event provides our customers with an international experience that only a brand with our global scale could create, all without having to hop on a plane,” said McDonald’s Director of Communications, Molly McKenna.