Man warns of phone scheme that calls person from their own number

A Winter Springs man is warning others about a scheme after receiving a phone call from his own number. 

“It was very odd to see that my own phone number was calling me so I was curious to see what exactly was going to be on the other end,” Robert Costanza said.

With his own digits on the screen, he couldn’t resist picking up.  

“It was a recording saying, ‘This is AT&T, calling about your account and could you please give us your social security number,’” Costanza explained. 

He knew something wasn’t right and hung up. Then, he says less than two minutes later, his wife’s phone started ringing with her own number. Costanza says they heard the same recording on the other line. 

“The thing about it is, when you look at your caller ID nowadays, scammers can spoof any phone number,” said Erika Urdaneta with the Central Florida Better Business Bureau.

It’s just another way for schemers to try and get you to pick up the phone. Then, Urdaneta says they usually pose as a service provider. 

“It looks like these scammers are phishing for personal information. It could be the last four of your social, your complete social, your address, credit card information,” she said. 

The News Station reached out to AT&T and received a statement saying in part: “If any company calls you and asks for your personal information, that is a red flag. One of our tips on our new Cyber Aware website is never give such information to someone who calls you. Call the company at the number found on your bill. You can read more helpful tips for all consumers at”