Man walking across country with goat to help raise money to build Kenyan orphanage

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A man walking across America with his goat made a stop in the D.C. area on Thursday.

Steve Wescott started his trek from the Space Needle in Seattle and is making a 3,800-mile hike to Times Square in New York City. He started his journey back in 2012.

The goal of Wescott’s walk is to raise awareness and money to build an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. So far, they have raised half of the $200,000 needed to purchase the orphanage and land for a farm to make it self-sufficient.

“It's just been an incredible adventure,” Wescott said. “I get to experience the kindness of America like no one else does, and I think that is because once people get to see what I’m really about, what the project is really about, it’s not just a guy walking across America with a goat -- they just want to invest in any way they can. So I rarely sleep outside. I usually stay at host homes.”

Wescott and Miles was seen making his way on Rockville Pike in Rockville, Maryland while making a detour on his trip to the Lincoln Memorial for a picture while on route to New York. He hopes to reach Times Square by the first week of October.

Miles, an Alpine goat, is not the first companion on Wescott’s trip. His predecessor, another goat named LeeRoy Brown, initially began the voyage with Wescott in Seattle and walked through several states with him before becoming ill and passing away last year.

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