Man thought demons were after him, tried to attack people with pipe

It was quite the scene on U.S. Highway 1 in Bunnell on Monday morning.  According to police, a 21-year-old man said he thought demons were after him. Police said Fred Demesmin threatened people, attacked a store clerk and smashed things with a pipe.

Demesmin's girlfriend told investigators that he has not been sleeping lately and was acting strangely.  According to the police report, on Monday morning Demesmin told her,  "demons were after him and that he needed to go out and kill someone."

Demesmin is accused of trying to attack two people and smashing a cash register at a Sunoco Gas Station.  Several people reported hearing Demesmin yelling, "I hate America!" and "I love Haiti!"

Police were first called by a man who said Demesmin attacked his employee's car as he was driving.  That's when officers said Demesmin went into the Sunoco station, yelled "I hate America!" and swung a metal bar at the store clerk. Police say Demesmin then smashed and broke the cash register display and tried to smash the credit card machine. The clerk called 911.

Demesmin left the store and police caught up with him walking north on U.S. 1. After refusing to obey officer commands, police said one officer Tasered  Demesmin and arrested him.

Police said they found a kitchen knife in his back pocket.

This is one case Bunnell residents are talking about.  As of Wednesday afternoon, Demesmin was in the Flagler County Jail without bond.