Man said he was cleaning gun when it discharged, killing wife

Deputies say a man told them he was just cleaning his gun, when it discharged and the bullet hit and killed his wife.  Now, investigators are working to determine if that's what really happened. 

Darrell Reid is not facing any charges.  His wife was struck in the head by a bullet just before 8 p.m. on Monday.  Katie Reid, 62, was rushed to the hospital, but she did not survive.

People who live on Winifred Avenue in Zellwood were still shaken on Tuesday, after learning their neighbor died in what family friends are calling a tragic accident.   "My kids were outside playing and I saw a bunch of emergency vehicles pull up, I saw fire department and ambulance," said Vanessa Wilis.  "Even if it was an accident, my kids play outside, they go for walks, my son just walked to the store and back, it could have hit one of my kids, so if anything it should be neglect. He was cleaning his gun and obviously didn't handle it the right way, now someone is dead."

Reid, 63, is a pastor in the Zellwood community for the Happy Hill Ministries.  Reverend Nadine Richmond, of the Zellwood United Methodist Church, came to the home Tuesday to offer support.  She said the couple was very close.  "Totally in love, best friends in life and ministry, passionate for God, passionate for each other."

Orange County homicide detectives are now investigating what they are calling an open and active case.