Man once accused of putting a toddler in oven suspected of pouring boiling water on child

The Volusia County man accused of putting a toddler in an oven last year is now suspected of burning another child.

The charge was dropped against him in the last child abuse case but more could be coming with this new allegation. The Volusia County Sheriff's Office says Terry May is suspected of pouring boiling water on a little boy's back.

According to an incident report, daycare workers saw the large burn and reported it to the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF).  

Deputies say May watches the 3-year-old sometimes. The boy telling the DCF investigator that he had an accident on May's floor so the 47-year-old grabbed boiling water off the stove and poured it on him.
Sheriff Mike Chitwood took to Twitter Wednesday to give his opinion on the case.

"The word ‘bully' gets thrown around a lot, but to me there is no bigger bully than the kind of coward who picks on 3-year-olds. Stay tuned for more on this case," Chitwood tweeted.

Last year, May was accused of burning a 3-year-old girl after putting her in an oven and also beating her with a belt. When the story broke, he defended himself – telling the News Station that he would never hurt a kid.

Prosecutors ultimately dropping the charge from that 2018 case. The sheriff says they didn't have enough because it was May's word against a 3-year-old.

May has not been arrested in connection to this recent case. Deputies say they're still investigating.