Man missing from assisted living facility

Jon Cantrell says his dad Harold Cantrell ran away from a Daytona Beach Assisted Living Facility Wednesday.

He says, "He goes by Hal sometimes. and he might be thirsty and we're hoping he can be found."

Harold is a Navy veteran who always wears his Midway hat.

He has dementia and the beginning stages of Alzheimer's.

According to Daytona Beach Police, there's video of Harold running out of the Indigo Palms Assisted Living Facility Wednesday around 2:30pm.

Staff noticed he was missing when he wasn't at dinner at 5pm.

Cantrell has a device around his neck used to find keys. Jon says he's got friends and family using an app called Tile to try and locate Cantrell. He says the app will pick up a signal from Harold's device and send Harold's location to his wife's phone. He's asking others in the area of Dunn and Mason near International Speedway in Daytona Beach to put the Tile app on their phone. If anyone comes within 100 feet of Harold, it will notify his wife of the location. In the meantime Jon and others are driving around the area looking for Harold.

Jon says, "He can walk fast. He's a good walker and strong but he hasn't had anything to eat since lunch yesterday."

Harold was last seen wearing a white and black striped polo shirt, his Navy hat, black pants and brown shoes. If you spot Harold call Daytona Beach Police.