Man in wheelchair victim of hit and run

St. Cloud police are looking into a hit and run that injured a wheelchair bound man.

Justin Sell said he was on his was to get dinner Monday evening when a vehicle sideswiped his wheelchair as he turned from Columbia Ave. onto 11th St. Sell said he didn’t see the vehicle until he felt the impact.

"All the sudden I felt this jolt and I'm thinking, 'great, I hope I'm not going to die here,’” said Sell.

Sell said 2 witnesses came to help him. When he looked back at the vehicle, Sell said it stopped for a moment but then just kept driving.

Details on the vehicle are limited at this point and a representative for the St. Cloud Police said investigators are still compiling a full report on the incident.

Sell said he was sore from the hit and his wheelchair was damaged but that overall he was okay. He believes the chair taking the brunt of the hit saved him from worse injuries.