Man fatally stabbed at Deltona Burger King

Volusia County deputies surrounded the Burger King where a man was stabbed to death, early Tuesday morning. A woman inside was led away in cuffs, charged with second-degree murder. Sheriff Mike Chitwood was blunt in assessing what happened.
“There is a love triangle that was going on there,” Chitwood said.
Chitwood said the woman and two men worked at the Burger King, and they'd just wrapped up their shift Monday night. They were all in the parking lot.
“The three individuals, including our victim, were sitting around having a couple of beers,” Chitwood explained, “the young lady leaves and the two left-over men discuss that they're both romantically involved with her.”
The sheriff says one of the men texted the woman - calling her out. She came back to the Burger King, and they argued. That's when, the sheriff says, she went to her car and pulled out a knife.
“He then pushes her away, she falls into trash cans, drops the knife,” Chitwood described, “she picks up the knife, charges at our victim and stabs him twice.
Deputies show up but there's nothing they could do. The man died at the hospital. After sheriff's deputies cleared out, workers from the Burger King were left cleaning up the blood that was on the front steps.
Casey Siros, a regular customer, says she can't believe it. “Which is just crazy, because it's making me like, I don't want to live in this area anymore. All this stuff going on,” she said.
Deputies also said the suspect has a young child at home.