Man fatally shot by police was holding a pellet gun

Eustis police Sergeant Kenneth Toler is recovering after being shot during a confrontation with a man at an auto parts store.

Turns out an officer's bullet, possibly Toler's, ricocheted off a concrete pylon and hit him in the leg.
Dillian Ezell is the man police were looking for.

They say Ezell walked out the front door Wednesday afternoon, performed the sign of the cross with his left hand, then raised his right hand that was holding a pellet gun. Police fired several shots. Ezell died.

Witnesses say it was like a scene from a cop show. They watched as employees snuck out of the business and hid behind cars.

Laura Taff lives behind the Autozone. She heard loud shots and yelled to her two daughters to get down. Her 8-year-old, Ester, was at her side.

Ezell's family says he had some issues and was battling depression. His uncle, Jeff Ezell, wishes he had held on to get the help he needed.

Jeff said "They were getting him setup with counseling cause he would mope around when he wasn't being on the upside cause he had a good side to him. He really did. Very upbeat, very talkative, very smart young man."

Sergeant Toler was treated and released from a hospital. He's home recovering. FDLE is investigating the incident.