Man charged with killing pregnant mom of 4, stabbing her in stomach

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A Detroit man has been charged with first degree murder for allegedly bashing his pregnant girlfriend over the head and then stabbing her in the abdomen.

Ladiamond Meyers' young children walked to a neighbors’ house to get help as their mother lay dying.

On Thursday Meyers' ex-boyfriend Willie Wilborn heard the charges read to him for the murder of the 23-year-old.

JUDGE: "Do you understand your rights?"

"Yes ma'am," Wilborn said.

Detroit police say last week the young mother of four who was 5 months pregnant, was found dead inside a home on Braile Street on the city's east side.

"They didn't kill one person killed the baby with her," said a neighbor who found her. "That's sad."

Meyers's family says the young mother had been dating Wilborn on and off for about four years. They say Wilborn was abusive and controlling, adding they had called police and child protective services to try and intervene several times.

Court records also show Wilborn has been convicted of criminal sexual conduct, he was quickly denied bond Thursday. Wilborn faces life in prison.

On the evening of June 28th after Meyers and Wilborn had some sort of argument, Wilborn was nowhere to be found. A neighbor spotted Meyers' kids unattended.

When that neighbor says she saw the young children outside, she knew something was wrong. She asked one of the children where her mother was, and she replied she was "sleeping."

That was when neighbors discovered Meyers' body. Her cause of death: blunt force trauma to her head. But her family and neighbors also say Meyers  also had stab wounds in her stomach.

"I couldn't believe that," the neighbor said. "I thought she was just asleep, like the little girl said."

While Meyers' children stay with family members, neighbors are asking how someone could take the life of the vibrant young woman and her unborn baby.

"She was real nice," her neighbor said. "I don't understand why anybody would do that to her anyway."