Man charged after baby drinks three times the legal limit (for an adult) of alcohol

Police in Gainesville report that a baby had the blood alcohol level three times the legal limit for an adult. 

Police say that the only people home when it happened was a 6-year-old and 27-year-old Joshua Rosado.

They went on to say that the 6-year-old was actually the one to mix the bottle. Rosado told officers that she gave the baby "water" from the black cup. However, Rosado said that he had a bottle of liquor in a black bag in the bedroom where the 6-year-old fed the baby.

About 20 to 30 minutes later, the report says that Rosado noticed the baby had a rash. At about that time, the child's mom came home and they took the baby to the emergency room.

Police say that the baby's blood alcohol content was .234. Neurological damage and death can occur at .30. 

The report says that Rosado told officers that he knows he made a mistake having a liquor bottle in a place that is accessible to children. 

Rosado is in the Alachua County Jail now, charged with two counts of child neglect. 

The baby is out of the hospital and expected to make a full recovery.