Man caught taking photos up women's dresses at UCF graduation

The University of Central Florida (UCF) says that with the 'See Something, Say Something' mentality, they were able to arrest a video voyeur.

They say that 27-year-old Jesse Alan Wiggins was arrested by UCFPD on May 9th, following an incident at a UCF graduation ceremony, when a woman noticed his arm extended down towards the steps holding a cell phone with the camera facing up.

The woman told police that she was walking down the aisle with her 10-year-old daughter when she saw this activity. She alert security and UCFPD officers responded and interviewed both parties.

Wiggins told police that he did not take any photos or videos and turned his phone over to police. A search warrant uncovered video up the dresses of woman and her daughter, along with one additional video that day up the dress of an unidentified woman. Other similar videos were also found on the phone.

Wiggins, of Wildwood, was arrested in Alachua County on charges of video voyeurism to a child under 16 and video voyeurism to an adult victim. He has no affiliation to UCF.

Detectives say that anyone who thinks that they might have been impacted should call 407-823-5555.

“We preach ‘See Something, Say Something’ because we know when it’s practiced, it works,” said UCF Police Chief Richard Beary. “This sort of behavior is violating, disgusting, and illegal, and we are glad that we were able to intervene and prevent additional harm.”