Man beats dog with plastic chair after beating ex-girlfriend

A man in Volusia County was arrested for allegedly beating a dog with a plastic chair after repeatedly punching his ex-girlfriend in the face.

On May 6th, 2017, a Volusia County deputy responded to a battery complaint, reports the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

Upon arrival, he spoke with victim Elizabeth Freer. She said that her and her now ex-boyfriend, Starr Davis, had been dating and living together for two years. The pair broke up three weeks prior, but since then Freer had been talking to another male. However, on May 5th, Davis came over to hang out with her. He left the residence when his sexual advances were denied. Freer eventually called Davis on the phone and asked him to come back over. He arrived on the morning of the May 6th.

Davis laid next to Freer in bed and talked when the other male that Freer had been speaking to called. Davis noticed it was another man and began to punch Freer in her face. He continued to beat her, even grabbing a semi-full beer can and bashing it into her face. He then pulled her off the bed and onto the floor.

All the commotion caused Freer's dog to become excited and bite Davis on his left ankle in an attempt to protect Freer. Davis then began punching the dog in the face. Davis grabbed a plastic chair and began beating the dog until the chair shattered into pieces. This caused a small laceration to the dog's head. Davis then left the residence.

The Volusia County deputy reported significant swelling and bruising to Freer's face, who soon received medical attention. It is likely that she had fractured bones in her face, but she refused transport to a hospital, so it is not confirmed.

The deputy on scene also obtained several photos of Freer, the dog, and the residence. Freer has completed a sworn written statement and does not wish to prosecute.

Volusia County Sheriff's Office then reported sending two other deputies out to find Davis at his last known address. He was found there and began to explain the situation to deputies, claiming that the dog attacked him first and that is why he hit the dog. He then said that this upset Freer so much that she no longer tried to stop Davis from hitting the dog. He went on to deny hitting Freer, but did admit to putting his hands out to block her.

The deputies then reported putting Davis under arrest for aggravated battery and transported him to the District Four headquarters. He was later transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail.