Man arrested for shooting diaper thief at Walmart

A man accused of shooting an alleged shoplifter outside an Orlando Walmart store is now facing manslaughter charges.

Lonnie Leonard, 51, is a father of eight. Deputies say tried stopping 19-year-old Arthur Adams and another man as they fled the store with stolen diapers.

"He thought he was catching a bad guy," said  Leonard's brother, Gary Leonard. 

Back in February, deputies say the teenager and another man ran out of the store with an arm load of stolen diapers. Workers tried stopping them, but they floored their vehicle. Leonard was in the parking lot and saw the commotion. Deputies say he pulled out his gun and fired. Leonard's brother says his brother is no criminal.

"He thought people was robbing Walmart. It's a little nerve racking because he thought he was doing the right thing and it turned out to be the wrong thing that he done, so he says from now on he's going to mind his own business."

Adam's family is outraged, saying there was no need for Leonard to get involved.

"Me and my mom, we're going to keep fighting and keeping fighting, until we have justice."

Jeffery Edwards, the brother of the victim, says he doesn't believe his brother was even shoplifting.  Two months after the shooting, Edwards says the suspect is where he belongs.

"I think he should get charged with first degree, second degree, he needs life in prison. He needs to actually rot there."

Leonard's family says he's dying of prostate cancer. They're trying to raise the money, so he can bond out of jail.