Man arrested after explosives are found in truck, deputies say

An Ormond Beach man is set to appear before a judge after police say he had homemade explosives in his truck.

Damon Gause Jr., 47, was arrested thanks to one Ormond Beach police officer's watchful eye. Gause is accused of having three homemade explosive devices in his pickup truck on Wednesday.

The bomb squad had to be called in to make them safe. Police found them on the front seat, and two in a toolbox.

An officer had saw his pickup parked in a vacant lot off of U.S. 1 on Wednesday. When he came back to the truck, he tried to tell the officer he was walking around a lot because he was thinking about buying it.

A K-9  sniffed around and was positive for narcotics and when police searched the truck, that's when they found those explosives. Police do not know what he was planning to do with those devices.

Gause will go before a judge Thursday afternoon in Volusia County.