Man accused of shooting at construction worker

Osceola County sheriff's deputies said a Kissimmee man faces aggravated assault charges after shooting his rifle in his neighborhood. 

The sounds of bullets echoed at the Campbell Cove subdivision and left residents like Javiar Santiago in fear for his life.

"It's not good, because I live with my wife and two kids," Santiago said, "and when you hear that someone's shooting at somebody inside a house a couple of doors down, it's not [good]." 

Deputies sent out the SWAT team and discovered 20-year-old Eduardo Torres with a weapon.  

"Our helicopters saw the male hanging from a second story window with a long rifle," explained Captain Jacob Ruiz with the Sheriff's Office. 

Deputies said the suspect was shooting from his home into a lot behind his house, where a construction worker was in some equipment.

"He was inside of a construction vehicle and felt like he was receiving direct fire," Capt. Ruiz said.

Deputies told people to stay inside and kept others out of harms way.

"When we heard everything, they blocked the whole neighborhood and wouldn't let us come in," said Santiago, who is relieved his family is safe. "Really glad everyone's ok."

The construction worker did not want to talk to media, but he told us that he was ok.