Man accused of firing shots and scaring neighbors

Rocklege police officers are trying to figure out why a senior citizen starting shooting his gun outside his home, giving neighbors quite a scare.

Neighbor Guy Lewis heard it all.  "We heard two bangs like gun shots. I thought someone was using a nail gun doing concrete work. It was low caliber and a few minutes later we had a third," he said.

Neighbor Beverly Nikon heard it too.  "I live right next door, and it just missed the fellow's head and hit the house. I was quite upset to think that something like that could go on in this neighborhood."

Rockledge Police said someone called 911 about a neighbor firing off rounds on Kara Circle.  It kept residents and officers on edge.

"While we're there, he fires off more rounds, two of them which goes above the officers heads," explained police spokesperson Donna Seyferth.

Investigators closed off streets for an hour and 15 minutes, keeping the neighborhood at a standstill. The suspect came out of his home after talking to police on the phone.

"Once he answered, we were able to negotiate with him safely.  He had several guns that we took from the scene, but figuring out which one is something we're still working with," said Seyferth.  "They were all handguns."

Police arrested Robert Lynn, 73.  They still don't know why Lynn started shooting, but luckily no one was injured.  Neighbors said the senior citizen is a veteran.