Man accused of 2 DUIs in less than a year

Douglas Campbell faced a judge on Tuesday on a charge of driving under the influence. 

Nearly 12 hours after his arrest, he appeared disoriented.  The judge reminded Campbell that it's not the first time he has stood before him on serious charges. 

"You're on bond for DUI vehicular manslaughter," the judge said.

In June 2016, Winter Garden police officer said Campbell told them he had taken three prescription medications, smoked marijuana earlier in the day and and had some alcohol before he killed a woman at Lake Butler Boulevard and State Road 535.   Police said Campbell lost control of his car, which struck another car, sending it spinning, before it slammed into a pole.  At the time of the arrest, the officer noted Campbell kept talking about "totaling a $70,000 car."

Fast forward to less than a year, and Campbell is arrested on another DUI charge, posing for another mug shot.

Court records show Campbell has been out of jail since February.  His license is suspended, so he shouldn't have even been behind the wheel Monday night.  Police said they pulled him over after another driver called 911 saying that an old Mustang was swerving really bad and hit a curb on West Colonial.  Police said Campbell was going 25 in a 45 mph zone. 

Winter Garden Police said, just last Friday, they reminded Campbell that his license was suspended when they said he drove his car into a pond.