Man, 95, carjacked by women asking for ride

One-by-one, Orange County sheriff's deputies escorted two women out of the back of headquarters in handcuffs.  Deputies are now working to press carjacking charges against them.  

Investigators said the trouble started in a Save-A-Lot parking lot on State Road 436 in Apopka, as the 95-year-old victim walk his groceries to his car.  

“If it was my grandfather, I would have been in a cop car. They would have been charging me,” said Jaime Evelina, who said the drama ended in front of her home.  "He said that he saw them, they needed a ride, and he was trying to be a nice man and take them to safety because they’re young ladies.” 

According to the incident report, once inside the car, the women asked to be taken to Walmart.  The victim reported that neither woman got out at the store. Instead, one started smoking dope in the car.  He told investigators that the blonde woman asked to be taken to Rock Springs, then started pushing him victim insisting that she drive.

Deputies said 32-year-old Amber Harrison stopped the car at Tanglewood Drive and Mid Summer Ave.

“I heard him tell them, 'Give me my keys back!' and I heard her say in response, 'I’ll give you your keys back when you get out of the car!'” Evelina said.  

The victim reported the blonde woman forced him out.

“He got out on his own with his cane, but I think he lost his balance when they took off out,” Evelina said.  

She called 911.  Investigators say the victim was bruised and a little bloody and was taken away by ambulance to get checked out for any serious injuries.  Three days later, deputies said they spotted the stolen car and arrested Harrison and another woman, Emily Subers.