Man, 27, accused of taking picture of child at Central Florida Target store

A man is accused of following a 12-year-old girl inside a Target store and taking pictures of her, according to the Osceola County Sheriff's Office. The girl noticed the man and informed her mother. 

The suspect, Daniel Mora, 27, is charged with video voyeurism and is being held without bond. When deputies questioned Mora about the incident, they said he admitted to taking the photograph for pleasure and expressed embarrassment. 

The incident occurred at a Target in Kissimmee. According to investigators, the girl was tying her shoelaces when she noticed a camera flash behind her. She immediately told her mother, who reported the incident to store security. Deputies said they used surveillance footage to identify and track down Mora.

Authorities said Mora admitted to taking a photo of the girl's legs, and a search of his phone revealed additional pictures and videos of girls taken secretly in stores. Surveillance footage showed Mora squatting and taking pictures of the young girl, deputies said.


The arrest alarmed parents in the area who asked not to be named. 

"It's a child. What could you be thinking, taking a photo of a child?" the parent asked. 

Another added, "It's very disturbing because the fact that it happened multiple times and didn't get caught is very disturbing."

Daniel Mora

During a search of Mora's home, deputies said they found a flash drive containing 100 images and videos of child sexual abuse material.

Former Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón advised parents to be more vigilant when out in public with their children. 

"You should always accompany the child, but these are things that sound simple, and unfortunately, I don't think we have these conversations with children as much as we should," he said. 

Rolón recommended educating children about the potential dangers and encouraging them to be aware of unusual behavior.