Mama dog found dragging crate filled with her puppies on side of road

(McIntosh County Animal Services)

A Georgia shelter is hoping to get justice for a mother dog and her puppies after they say someone stuffed the puppies into a crate, tied their mama to it, and left them on the side of a road.

McIntosh County Animal Services (MCAS) says that some good Samaritans spotted the mama dog dragging the crate filled with her babies down a road. 

"We know there is evil in this world and this just further proves that!" the shelter wrote on Facebook. "This poor mama dog watched as someone put her four young puppies into a wire crate and then tied a blue belt around her collar and then tied the belt to this crate and left them down a dirt road!!!" 

(McIntosh County Animal Services)

Fortunately, a man and his son were driving by and rescued them. The furry family was brought to MCAS where they were fed, vaccinated and treated for fleas. 

Pilots and Paws will be flying the mama dog and her puppies from Georgia to Fancy Cats and Dogs Rescue Team in Virginia on Sunday where they will stay until they are available for adoption.  

MCAS is offering a $250 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons who abandoned the dogs. 

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If you would like to donate to the mama dog and her puppies care, their mailing address is:

Fancy Cats and Dogs Rescue Team
P.O. Box 182 Herndon, VA 20172 

or Pay Pal is 

You can also donate online HERE.