Losing son 'most horrible thing' says grieving mom

It has been ten days since Carla Ward lost her 16-year-old son, Terrance Givens, one day shy of his seventeenth birthday.  The last moments they spent together were in the kitchen, making hamburgers for family and friends, who'd come to the house for Terrance's party. 

“To lose a child is the most horrible thing that has happened in my life.  I just felt in that moment, I don't want to be here. I want to be with my son,” Carla said, recalling her last conversation with her middle son.  “We want to have fun, just make sure everyone's safe.  He said, 'Don't worry Mom, it's okay. I've got it.”

Then, Carla’s life was shattered. 

“We heard like a firecracker out the door at first, and he went out the door.  It was like I went to reach to let him know to get down, and it was just too late.  When I looked outside, he was on the ground, shot in the head,” Carla said. 

Terrance never recovered. 

“He didn't do anything. It wasn't intended for him,” she said, adding she may never recover.  “I keep having anxiety attacks, because I keep thinking I'm going to see him.  I keep feeling the moment, him calling my name.”

Adding to the anxiety, she doesn’t have the money to bury him.  This past weekend, friends and family held two car washes to raise money for Terrance's send-off and Carla is selling baskets of toiletries. 

“Thanks to a good friend who donated a lot,” said Carla. 

She’s still in disbelief, looking at the last two photographs captured of Terrance right after his birthday party  started. 

“He was so excited. He was very excited,” said Carla. 

Minutes later, the unthinkable tragedy.  

“It's horrible.  They just think that it's games, that these bullets won't hurt people. Some survive, some don't and unfortunately, mine is dead,” said Carla.

If there is any ray of hope in this heartbreaking story, Carla donated her son’s organs.  Now, four children have a new chance at life.

If  you’d like to help contribute to Terrance Given’s funeral, here’s a link to the family’s Go Fund Me account.