Longwood’s mayor, residents help healthcare workers stay protected

Longwood Mayor Matt Morgan says, thanks to the help of their residents, local healthcare workers have a lot more of the supplies they need to protect the community from COVID-19.

Morgan said one Longwood resident in particular, who wants to remain anonymous, used connections to help facilitate a large delivery of N-95 protective masks to 2 hospitals in the community; easing the burden of the Personal Protective Equipment shortage that’s stressing healthcare workers nationwide.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, Morgan has been reaching out to residents on his social media pages – encouraging togetherness and acts of kindness to help get through the pandemic. He says the response has been incredible.

"Our community coming together and doing so much more, giving the shirts off their own backs when they don't even have a shirt to afford to begin with,” said Morgan.

Morgan said small businesses in the city have also chipped in by sending meals to healthcare workers and families in need during the tough time.

The mayor, walking the walk too, has shared several videos on social media of him visiting care facilities and working to spread positivity during social distancing.