Longwood residents raise concerns about rest stop

Officials with the Florida Department of Transportation say rest areas along Interstate 4 in Longwood were intended to be for people traveling through Central Florida, but they have turned into a truck rest stop, making residents who live nearby upset.

On Friday an FDOT meeting took place regarding the truck parking.  Seminole County Commissioner Lee Constantine says, they're not against truckers, but he says it's the wrong location for a truck stop.  He says the Wekiva River and environmentally sound property should not be a place where trucks stop.

"We don't like it. I speak for myself and my family but also the neighborhood," says resident Allison Billups.  "The fumes, I know that's a topic that's been circulating, but also the noises, the easy access it feels random people that park there could easily get access to our neighborhood. "

Residents propose getting rid of the truck parking or even building a big wall behind their homes as a buffer.